WHO AM I, I've been an animal lover as long as I can remember! which is a fair few years ago now.. growing up in beautiful North Wales horses were a big part of my life, from working at riding schools to having my own and family dogs and cats.


At this point in my life I have my two English Springer Spaniels, anyone who knows me knows these guys are my world. You will come across them often in my gallery or on social media.


Animals give us something special, they teach us compassion, to care and give us love back without question.


How did I get into photography? I kind of fell into it, as most of us do I took photos out on walks and visiting places for fun. I decided to invest in a bridge camera to improve what I was taking, then it was a natural progression and passion to continue to build and learn more.


After working in various feilds of photography, I realised that I wanted to follow the path of animal photography, so I turned my focus on to paws and hooves and never looked back.





I also work closely with a charity which I adore, Veterans With Dogs. If you've not heard of them, pay a visit to the website to find out more and why it means so much to me. I'm lucky to be apart of the team and offer my skills as a photographer and with office administration. Spending time with the veterans and their dogs is very rewarding and seeing how the dogs change lives.

Award Winning Dog Photographer of the Year 3rd place in Assistance Dog category 2017