I am a dog and horse lover, and feel incredibly lucky being able to do something which I feel passionately about! Growing up in beautiful North Wales a little way from Snowdonia, horses were a big part of my life as a child through to my early 20's. From the naughty Shetland pony, I learned to ride on to my beautiful Arab and Irish Draught.  The first dog that I owned myself was at the age of 15, a tri-coloured Border Collie, Cass, from a farm close to the horse yard. He was my life, companion, and best friend through some of the hardest times in my life.

Animals give us something special, they teach us compassion, to care, and they give is love without question.

So how did I get into photography? Well, it grew on me, I felt I wanted to do more than just take family photos for my own albums. My Passion grew and I continued to build on my style and learn more.

After working in various areas of photography to gain experience, from fine art to weddings and family portraits, I turned my focus on to animals and never looked back.

I also work closely with a charity, Veterans With Dogs.  If you've not heard of them, pay a visit to the website to find out more and why it means so much to me.  I'm lucky to be apart of the team and offer my skills as a photographer and office administrator.  Spending time with the Veterans and their dogs is very rewarding and seeing how the dogs change lives.

If you feel that what I do and offer would suit what you are looking i would love to hear from you.

Julie X

Award Winning Dog Photographer of the Year 3rd place in Assistance Dog category 2017