A selection of photographs that have meaning and have helped me to develop and grow as a pet photographer.  Finding my own voice through my work.

Dog Photographer of the Year 2016

Assistance Dog Category!


The Photograph above is of Veteran Adam and his beautiful assistance dog Milo

I have been fortunate to be a part of the Charity Veterans With Dogs as their photographer.  It is both emotional and inspiring to work alongside these amazing life changing dogs, and seeing the difference they make to a Veterans' life who suffers with PTSD.

This photo was taken during an October afternoon amongst the peaceful herb garden during a residential stay with the Charity. Milo has a very close bond with his owner and it was a pleasure to photograph them together.


My boys were my inspiration from the beginning.  My photography became more satisfying and I loved capturing my dogs though the viewfinder.

As I began to learn more about photography, it was the moods and emotions that came through in images that most excited me and gave me a greater appreciation of the bond we have with our animals.


From growing into my photography I then found myself watching people interacting with their companions.

The bond between us and our animals is truly amazing - and one which I've been privileged to see through my lens.

Learn to slow down and take pleasure in the little things with your dog.


I was fortunate to be asked to be the  photographer for the Charity Veterans With Dogs.

Following on from recognising the relationships we have with animals and seeing the overpowering connection we have with them, these assistance dogs not only change, but save lives. 

From the early stages of an assistance dog starting out with his or her Veteran, their journey together is inspiring. When life leaves you overwhelmed, scared and suffering with depression or anxiety, they can help overcome obstacles and seemingly impossible situations.